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Maker Education

Our school features 3 creative spaces that we define as Makerspaces.  In addition our art studio and media center, CKMS features a STEAM Lab.  All 3 spaces are designed for students to be creative.

Makerspaces are places where students can explore their own interests, learn to use tools and materials, both physical and virtual, and develop creative projects.  Maker Education is about moving from consumption to creation and turning knowledge into action.

In addition to visiting the STEAM Lab for LEGO robotics, computer science, and special projects, students at CKMS have special classes called STEAM Art and Media Maker.  These art and media experiences are in addition to their regular art and media times during the week.

In STEAM Art, students explore the intersection between art and science and explore a variety of ways to develop creativity.

In Media Maker, students are designing, building, and engineering.  From LEGO towers, sculptures made out of straws, to electric circuits made out of Playdough, students engage in fun hands-on projects and activities.

Students collaborating on project